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Freeze Drying Equipment Market Trends | Share And Segment Forecasts To 2020

The freeze drying process is a modern replacement of traditional drying method and forecasted as a high growth industry, in the near future. The market is projected to reach a value of USD 35.81 billion by 2020. 

Dry freezing is a dehydration process, which eliminates all moisture content of a product by application of drying method followed by freezing method. The method inhibits growth of various microorganisms and contributes to a longer shelf-life of products. Various parts of the equipment include vacuum chambers and pumps, cycogenic storage area, freezing chambers and various tubes. 

The dry freezing equipment also helps in increasing longer storage period for products, preserving aroma and chemical textures of the products. These properties of dry freezing equipment have increased its demand in food and beverages industry. High demand of preserved food, rising disposable income and psychographic variance are factors that are further promoting its demand in FMCG industry. Healthcare industry is also using dry freezing equipment in preserving the quality of various pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. 

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The barriers to this industry are its high set up cost, complexity in machine-size and less adoption among many SMEs industries. The major market players of dry freeze equipment industries include SP Scientific, I.M.A, Telstar S.A., GEA Niro, and Operon. 

On the basis of usage, the dry freeze equipment market is segmented into five categories namely, bench top, industrial, general purpose, mobile and laboratory freeze dryers. As the name suggests, laboratory and bench top freeze dryers are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry. The industrial freeze dryers are used for storage of food in food and beverages industry. The mobile freeze dryers are user friendly due to its small size and mobility factor. Mobile freeze dryers, being a convenient equipment, have been continuously using by various automobiles companies and are also expected to attain high growth rate in dry freezing equipments market. The general purpose equipment is used for elimination of all moisture content from leather, flowers and food items. 

The major buyers for dry freeze equipment belong to FMCG, biotechnology, surgical and pharmaceutical industry. The leather manufacturer and flower dealers market also contributes to dry freeze equipment consumption and acts as a niche segment. With increasing global demand for flower made and leather made items, technological advancements and high-shelf life of preserved food, presence dry freeze equipments markets is prevalent in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, surgical and food & beverages industry. 

Asia pacific is one of the fastest growing markets for dry freeze equipment with continuous expansion of food and pharmaceutical industry. Europe and North America also hold a stable position in terms of higher consumption of dry freeze equipment.

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