Thursday, 18 August 2016

Market Research - The Supreme Approach for Business Expansion

Although several methods to carry out market research exist, most businesses use field trials, personal interviews, surveys, observations, and focus groups. How much money you’re willing to invest and the facts needed by you, determine your business methods.

Critical Function of Market Research

Effective market research helps achieve valuable data regarding economic shifts, competitors, and demographics. It analyzes the expenditures of your customers. Market research is the finest approach to boost consumer satisfaction & recognize business influencers. 

Types of Market Research

Primary Research
Primary research involves the discovery of latest information. For example, it may comprise postal or online questionnaires and face-to-face surveys. The eventual objective of primary research for entrepreneurs is to get proper insights on their target markets. Collection of these insights otherwise from current data could be impossible.

For Example -Barclays' primary research kickstarted with two key questions:
·         Who should be our key consumers?
·         What are their requirements?

Secondary Research
Secondary research emphasizes on the market’s existing information. It employs distributed statistics that former research has already revealed & presented and mainly covers:
  • Sales figures
  • Government publications
  • Market research reports, etc.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative research presents information in graphs, charts, and tables. It quantifies opinions, attitude, behavior, & other defined variables. This type is employed to generalize results from bigger sample populations. Furthermore, it utilizes calculable data to devise facts and reveal research patterns.   
Conversely, qualitative research is chiefly an exploratory study.  It helps create ‘hypothesis’ ideas for possible quantitative research & understand fundamental reasons, opinions, and motivations.

Market Research’s Dos And Don’ts

1.1 Dos - Discover ‘Research’ Objectives
- Determine what problems and questions need to be resolved and  addressed, respectively

1.2 Do Not Dive In Without Clear Goals
- Before diving in, ensure that your business contributors attain vital consent on the project’s overall goals.

2.1 Dos - Settle On ‘Market Research’ Financial Plan

-Your research budget is imperative regardless of whether you are a ‘global corporation’/‘start-up’ capitalist.

2.2 Don’t Do It Single-Handedly
-Market research can be costly and tedious. Hunting for the right support should assist you in reaching your goals.


Market research is required incessantly to attain a competitive edge & keep up with modern movements. Its future looks bright, as it identifies novel opportunities & magnifies your customer base. 

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