Monday, 17 October 2016

Liquid Biopsy Market - More Players Being Drawn Into It Due To Its Lucrative Prospects!

Global liquid biopsy market will witness an upsurge in demand and competition amongst industry participants as need of more advanced, efficient and accurate method of tumor and metastasis identification is increasing.  Liquid biopsies refer to non-invasive blood examinations that identify circulating tumor cells. They can identify ‘tumor DNA’ segments that are left behind in blood by the primary tumor and metastatic regions.This technology has massive analytical & therapeutic inferences in oncology.

Liquid biopsies are also known as fluid phase/fluid biopsies. They basically involve the study & test of non-solid biological tissues, mainly blood. Similar to conventional biopsies, liquid ones are primarily adopted for monitoring & diagnostic purposes, like cancer detection(coupled with theiralmost non-invasive property).

In contrast to conventional biopsies, liquid biopsies have eliminated the requirement ofinvasive surgeries. They instead enable healthcare experts & doctors to test for cancers from convenient blood-withdrawals. Due to this, biopsies are simple to execute, rendering many people hopeful that their cancers will be detected before it is late.

Across contemporary medicine, liquid biopsies are well-established for detecting cancers & other illnesses. These tests are growing, with the market being a feasible substitute to traditional ‘cancer testing.’ Business interest in the technology has also risen, with advanced & established diagnostic firms ready to grab this prospect.

‘Qiagen,’ is a research provider &headquartered in Germany and Holland. It provides an efficient, comprehensive, and modernized workflow to allowresearch on liquid biopsy. It has sold kits that test RNA & DNA from circulating tissues and filter RNA from exosomes to locate anomalies. Moreover, its deals with pharmaceutical firms to employ liquid biopsies for specific diagnostic testsfared well.

‘Genomic Health’ is based in California and has furtheredits basefor cancer diagnostics to present ‘liquid biopsy technology.’It was expected to introduce its first product in 2016.Trovagene, a San Diego, CA-based company, is also smartly working in the same field. This has led to it declaringthat urine-based diagnostics are more sensitive than conventional biopsies.

The worldwide liquid biopsy market is predicted to attain around USD 5, 960 million by 2030.It grew significantly in the recent past. Escalating metastatic cancers and demand for non-invasive procedures should drive the market during the forecast period.

Furthermore, demand for lowering the intricacies of conventional biopsies and concerns on cancer deaths are also likely to propel market sales.Cancer monitoring and metastatic cancers are the key applications of the market. The global liquid biopsy market is characterized by small organizations engaged in product innovations.

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