Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Antimicrobial Additives - Germ Protection Made Better

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and other microbes are present in the environment & can harm those exposed to them. These microbes cause diseases, foul odor, and damage to various substances & materials. Thus, to fight this menace, antimicrobial agents/additives are recommended. Antimicrobial agents consist of particles of low molecular weight and destroy or curb bacterial, fungal, or viral growth.

Innovative Products 

Untreated plastic may be affected by microbes, leading to unpleasant odor, unsightly discoloration, and polymer degradation. “Sanitized AG” has developed a novel product that offers flexible polymers, like polyurethane and plasticized polyvinyl chloride, protection from microbes. The product has been developed as a result of increasing demand for antimicrobial additives.

Sanitized PL 14-32 - Further Insights

“Sanitized AG” is a leading manufacturer of antimicrobial safety for plastics & textiles. It launched a new product, “Sanitized PL 14-32.” This product is highly efficient and has thermal stability & compatibility. It is said to offer high water & ultraviolet resistance.

The product is specifically made to protect materials from unwanted effects of microorganisms, like mould, bacteria, mildew, algae, and yeast. These microbes can also lead to biofilm formation & cross-contamination.

Market - Overview 

The global antimicrobial additives market is projected to expand rapidly during 2014 to 2025 (forecast period). It would reach around USD 15.3 billion by 2025. Rising demand for healthcare products, for instance, devices & disposables across developing countries, would spur market growth in the near future. In addition to this, awareness regarding Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) can boost the demand for these products.

The market is competitive and has many participants across Europe & North America. Some of the key industry players are Sanitized AG., The Dow Chemical Co., Nanobiomatters Industries S.L., and Microban International. Microban relaunched its European textile division in November 2016. This relaunch is estimated to assist the firm collaborate with novel & current brand partners globally.

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