Monday, 6 February 2017

Medical Sensors - Standing the Test of Reliability & Accuracy!

Sensors are adopted in health monitors. These monitors are devices used to record & analyze the vital signs of human beings; they even intimate doctors of fluctuations in the same. So what comes to mind at the sole mention of “Internet of Things” (IoT)? For sure, it is—connected communities & homes!

Now, even medical applications have joined the bandwagon. IoT merges sensor output & communications in monitoring & diagnostics and delivers functions that were once theoretical. IoT facilitates sharing of data amongst devices as well as the cloud to enable accurate study & collection of data streams at high speeds. 

Applications of Sensors in Medicine

Sensors & interconnected technologies have enabled dynamic collation of “patient-data” to promote diagnosis and gauge therapeutic results. Real-time and mechanization facets have decreased errors and enhanced efficiency & quality of healthcare services. Nowadays, wireless sensor-based networks collect health data, which was once inaccessible, & provide direct care to patients.

The Lighter, More Portable, & Smaller, The Better
There is rising need to employ lighter, more portable, and smaller sensors to enhance quality & cost-efficiency across every nook & corner of contemporary medicine. The manufacturers of “space-saving” devices involve engineers to create more portable devices. 

A New Trend - Platform-Oriented Sensors

These sensors have recently made headlines, as each series of sensors are built around a sensor element that can be created via different methods. This enables “medical device” mechanics choose the right interface to assist them decrease space, prevent the demand for extra components, and lower the costs. 

TE Sensor Solutions

The company has introduced force sensors for healthcare applications. These sensor products have proved to be assets and changed the course of medicine by catering to multiple applications. TE Sensor Solutions is known for product innovations.

Sensors in Healthcare - Market Insights

The worldwide medical sensors market is mainly propelled by the augmenting need for medical sensors in diagnostic & therapeutic sectors. It will reach about USD 19 billion by 2024. The industry is categorized based on products, applications, end users, and geographical regions. High unmet requirements of the target populace may offer huge market prospects in the near future. 


Some of the firms fighting for dominance in this space include OmniVision Technologies, Inc; Stellar Technologies, Inc.; Analog Devices, Inc.; and NXP Semiconductors N.V. They engage in strategic partnerships and new product developments to gain industry share.

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