Thursday, 9 March 2017

Anti-Drone Systems: Creating Hostile Skies for Illegal Drones!

Anti-drone systems provide utmost protection to fields and areas of varying sizes, functions, and forms. These are integrated systems that can be customized with different types of solutions and equipment as per customer needs and requirements. They are made of various kinds of equipment depending upon the type of application. These applications could be private houses, government buildings, border security, commercial venues, prisons, airports, military facilities, critical infrastructure, and industrial installations. 

An integrated Anti-drone system comprises diverse combinations of drone detection equipment (RF spectrum analyzers, acoustic sensors, drone detection radars and others), drone neutralization equipment (interception systems, stationary & mobile jammers, and drone capture nets etc.), and supplementary safety solutions for better & greater protection (security-related software, mobile security vans, and long range acoustic devices among others)

Latest Product Innovations

In recent times, a number of anti-drone systems have been introduced in order to keep a check on the use of unauthorized drones. Some of the recently launched anti-drone systems are as follows:


DroneShield employs acoustic technology to identify incoming drones from over 150 yards. It sends alerts in the form of text messages or e-mails to the monitoring service in use.


This is the very first backdoor malware that can take control of drones from a distance by infecting the program or software that operates the sensors & drivers of drones. The malware then shuts down the autopilot, thereby causing the infected drone to crash.

Operator Locator:

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun testing a certain technology that can spot small drone operators functioning illicitly near airports. This technology can sense radio signals utilized to run rogue drones within 8 km radius. The exact location of operators of unauthorized drones can thus be traced.

Market Overview:

According to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc., the global anti-drone market is expected to reach nearly USD 1.8 billion by 2024. Widespread adoption of UAVs (Undefined Aerial Vehicles) or drones fuels the demand for anti-drone systems. These systems track the presence of illicit drones. Airbus Group SE; The Boeing Company; Blighter Surveillance Systems; Droneshield Ltd.; and Dedrone GmbH are some of the major companies operating in the global anti-drone market.

In-depth report on Anti-Drone Market by Grand View Research:

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