Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Can Innovations in Perfume Technology Boost Mesifurane Production?

Mesifurane, a natural organic compound, is derived from strawberry and a range of other fruits. It is extensively used in flavor & perfume industries on account of its highly attractive fragrance. This flavoring agent is used in food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, and other such industries. Technological advancements can offer new growth avenues for the key mesifurane manufacturers.

Prominent companies are developing artificial essences to meet the high demand for attractive fragrances & flavors. Recently, Firmenich has come up with an assortment of highly innovative technology solutions. These technologies can enhance fragrance longevity and counteract bad odor.


These core-shell polymeric perfume capsules get attached on clothes, hair, and skin. Upon drying, they turn brittle. They can easily break with naturally occurring physical forces such as movement, combing, and rubbing. Once broken, they release a long-lasting perfume from the capsules.


“Profragrance” systems are made of two fragrance particles that are bonded together. One of these particles is substantive to substrates while the other one is volatile. During usage, it is delivered to a substrate and is subsequently exposed to oxygen, heat, light, or such other trigger. Once opened to triggers, the volatile fragrance is slowly released in the atmosphere over a long time.


This range of malodor counteraction technologies accomplishes malodor management. They can provide microbial control before malodor is developed. They can also block the receptors or perceptual odors that cause malodor.

Market Insights:

According to Grand View Research, Inc.; the global mesifurane market is expected to witness rapid growth over the forecast period (from 2016 to 2025). This growth can be attributed to the Development of innovative and unique products with advanced application properties is expected to be the key growth driver. Key players in the worldwide market for mesifurane are Shandong Yaroma Perfumery Co. Ltd., The Good Scents Company, Penta Manufacturing Co., Ruiyuan Flavor Co. Ltd., and United International Co. Ltd.

In-Depth research report on mesifurane market:

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