Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Green Fragrance Fixatives for Natural Perfumes

Fragrance fixatives increase durability of fragrances and make them linger on the skin of the wearer. These, often expensive fixatives are added to even out vapor pressures and volatility of the raw substances from perfume oils. They can also enhance the perseverance of perfumes. High consumption of essential oils and aroma chemicals can contribute toward high demand of perfume fixative. Developing regions with high spending power can promote perfume production.

Types of Fixatives:-

Natural fragrance fixatives comprise resinoids and various animal products. Commonly used resinoids are labdanum, benzoin, myrrh, storax, olibanum, and tolu balsam. Castoreum, ambergris, civets, and musk are the most common animal products.

Artificial fixatives include mildly volatile materials like cyclopentadecanolide, diphenylmethane, benzyl salicylate, & ambroxide. They also include virtually unscented solvents like diethyl phthalate, benzyl benzoate, & triethyl citrate that have comparatively low vapor pressures. A particularly coveted fragrance fixative is derived from a rare whale digestive discharge known as “ambergris”.

Natural Fragrance Fixative Using a Mexican Plant:-

Recently, some researchers have found an innovative way to develop natural perfume fixative. This product is made using a plant that is found in Mexico. This plant offers a more sustainable means to develop fixatives. For further research about this plant, scientists & researchers carried out a supply-chain analysis. On the basis of this analysis, they found that production of fixatives using this plant can generate significant profits for the local farmers. It can also provide hundreds of job opportunities within the supply chain.

Market Insights:-

According to Grand View Research, Inc.; the worldwide fragrance fixatives market is expected to register lucrative growth over the forecast period (from 2011 to 2025). Growing consumer awareness regarding the therapeutic effects of fragrances and their ability to influence the psychological & emotional well-being can drive the market till 2025. SVP Chemicals, Tokos BV, Lotioncarfter LLC, Synthodor Company, Paris Fragrances; and PFW Aroma Chemicals are some of the key companies operating in the global market.

In-Depth research report on fragrance fixatives market:-

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