Thursday, 10 August 2017

Rice Protein: Effective Protein Source for Vegans

Rice protein is an important type of plant protein that is obtained from white & brown rice. It is free from artificial sweeteners and has a minimum chemical content. This makes rice protein a preferred choice in functional foods, dietary supplements, sports & energy drinks, and energy bars. Rice proteins are considered to be an extremely efficient alternative for other plant-based products such as soy & whey. 

Healthy, Vegan Protein

Numerous protein products lacing the super market shelves cater to different dietary needs. From the traditional whey or vegan mixes that are designed for muscle building to weight loss vegan proteins come across as a versatile functional food. Complete Vegan Blend by Bulk Powders is one such product. It is said to contain low fat and sugar contents. This product is available in two flavors, namely, chocolate peanut and strawberry. 

Each serving of this protein is loaded with 40mg DigeZyme, a complex digestive enzyme. This rice protein can provide over 21 grams protein per serving. This makes it ideal as a dietary protein. It is extracted from excellent quality vegan proteins ingredients such as brown rice protein, pea protein isolate, and Quinoa flour. High protein content of this product does not overpower the taste. This is a key feature that is expected to increase its adoption among consumers. 

T his blend is free from soya and rich with a blend of integral ingredients that enhance its flavor and nutrition profile. Brown rice protein is rich with nearly 80% highly soluble contents. Pea protein isolates also contain 80% protein and are rich in Arginine. Quinoa is a natural source of calcium, iron, and zinc. DigeZyme on the other hand, is a blend of cellulose, lactase, amylase, protease, and lipase.

Market Insights 

According to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.; the rice protein market is expected to surpass USD 198 million by 2025. Applications in feed, cosmetics, foods & beverages, and pharmaceutical products can drive the market over the forecast period (2014 to 2025). 

Market Competitors

RiceBran Technologies; AIDP Inc.; Nutrition Resource Inc.; and Axiom Foods Inc. are some of the key players operating in the worldwide market for rice protein. Most companies participate in agreements and partnerships to expand their business across newer territories. 

In-depth research report on rice protein market:

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