Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Imaging Chemicals Prove Beneficial for Medical and Mining Sectors

Growing prevalence of major health issues and rapid acceptance of advanced technologies is gradually increasing the demand for imaging chemicals. In addition, increasing use of organic pigments by companies manufacturing such imaging chemicals is boosting its demand. Using these high-performance chemicals in the imaging process can enhance image clarity. Hence, they are majorly being used in the medical industry for detection and diagnosis of various health issues. Imaging chemicals are also in demand in the mining industry owing to their gradual adoption in various mineral exploration activities. Most mining exploration projects follow satellite and aerial imaging to obtain accurate location of railway tracks, roads, and inhabited areas. 

Varied Uses of Imaging Agents and Developers

Major product-variants of imaging chemicals are imaging agents and developers. Both are attracting considerable demand from various industries. However, imaging agents have been dominating the overall market. Continuous product developments, high R&D investments, and increasing demand in the medical industry can further propel the demand for imaging agents. These agents are capable of producing high-quality images, which helps medical centers diagnose diseases more efficiently. For instance, Bracco Imaging S.p.A. recently acquired SurgVision, for developing a real-time Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery platform. The platform corresponds to an innovative intra-operative optical technique, which uses an infrared camera and contrast agent approach. The technique is designed to aid surgeons in distinguishing tumors from healthy tissue.

Developers are generally used for image optimization in industries. Black and white developers such as methyl phenidone, hydroxymethyl-methyl-phenidone, and dimezone are used to attain maximum image clarity. Considering the increasing demand for developers from medical and other industries, manufacturing companies are continuously working on the development of organic color developers. Such eco-friendly developments in imaging chemicals can augment its demand among versatile industries. 

Market Insights

Increasing demand for improved imaging in medical centers for diagnosing diseases can drive the growth of the global imaging chemicals market. Accurate diagnoses through improved images can avoid costly treatments, which is likely to benefit patients. Vouching these benefits of imaging chemicals, manufacturing companies are focused on product development through organic compounds. Frequent product launches, agreements, and mergers are key strategies of these companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This constant research input from manufacturers will also widen the scope of this market in the forecast period (2017-2025), states Grand View Research, Inc. in a recent report. The market is expected to value USD 11.9 billion by 2025. 

Some of the prominent players in the market are Kao Corporation, Vivimed Labs Ltd., BASF, Dow Chemical Company, Clariant Chemical Company, and Becton Dickinson and Company.

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