Friday, 28 September 2018

Veterinary Reference Laboratories Diagnose Animal Diseases Quickly

28 September 2018: Veterinary reference laboratories (VRL) are labs that offer rapid diagnosis of animal-based tests. These labs are responsible for developing assays and tests to detect and diagnose zoonotic diseases. National veterinary reference associations, veterinary clinics, and animal health research and development companies are its biggest clients.

The outbreak of diseases such as avian flu has led to the establishment of VRLs by nations. The states within the European Union are at high alert due to the crossing of migratory birds into their regions. Companies are adopting the latest technology to create comfortable customer experience. For instance, IDEXX has created a platform, IDEXX Connect Plus, to aid their clients in finding information quickly.

Non-invasive Tests Lead to Quicker Diagnosis

Companion and production animals are the two biggest segments served by VRLs. The companion animal segment is projected to expand at a remarkable growth rate due to increase in pet owners and their demand for efficient animal care. Development of hematology and immunodiagnostic assays is expected to increase in order to cater to the demand of pet owners. Recently, TechLab, Inc., launched non-invasive diagnostic tests for detecting gastrointestinal diseases from cat and dog fecal samples.
The production animal segment had accounted for a large market share in 2016 due to high rate of meat consumption. Government initiatives to create awareness among farmers about infectious diseases and various testing outlets are expected to lead to better animal practices. For instance, the government in South Africa has launched a campaign to contain and diagnose the African Horse Sickness among horses. Advances in molecular diagnostics have led to the diagnosis of diseases in less than twenty-four hours.

Market Overview

The global veterinary reference laboratory (VRL) market is predicted to be worth USD 5.13 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc. Demand for pet insurance and rising animal health expenses are factors expected to drive market growth over the forecast period (2014-2025). The rise in the cases of zoonotic diseases and its ability to spread among humans is predicted to drive demand for veterinary reference laboratories. Rise in per capita income of pet owners and demand for animal-based food products are expected to play a major role in the forthcoming years. Key market players include GD Animal Health; IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.; Zoetis, Inc.; and Phoenix Lab.

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