Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Disposable Syringes - A Modern Approach to Disease Prevention

The good old saying, “prevention is better than cure” is apt for diseases. Preventive measures have been taken in the past to contain the spread of various epidemics, but the spate of blood-borne diseases like HIV, hepatitis, Ebola, etc., brought us to mull over an important question—is there a better way? There was and it came to us in the form of “disposable syringes.”

Disposable Syringes - Brief Overview

These syringes are used by doctors and medical assistants for intravenous delivery of medicines. They are also used for extracting blood for routine examinations. Disposable syringes are made of plastic or polypropylene and employed across multiple healthcare facilities. They are very popular due to their sterile nature, low production cost, and ready availability. Moreover, their popularity stems from AIDS-stricken countries. HIV-transmission was also attributed to the reuse of syringes for treatments.


Autodisable syringes are disposable syringes that can be used only once. Their plungers lock themselves if attempted to be used again. Credit for this invention goes to Marc Koska, a doctor who endorsed the idea in 1997. This idea was rebuffed due to the high cost of plastic & the resistance of glass syringe manufacturers who could lose market share.

Shared syringes have caused nearly 21 million hepatitis B and 2 million hepatitis C infections. The K-1 syringe, developed by Koska, has been endorsed by SafePoint (a charity created by him) that is involved in creating awareness regarding needle injuries. As on date, these syringes have saved over 3 million lives.

Market Insights 

The global disposable syringes market is expected around USD 9.9 billion by 2024. Rise in the approval of injectable drugs is a key market contributor. Patients and hospital staff afflicted with needlestick injuries generate additional industry demand. The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act passed in 2000 favored the market and can be accounted for high market growth.

Safety syringes were the biggest segment in 2015. They provide better safety than conventional syringes. North America led the worldwide industry in 2015 due to regional sanctions of injectable drugs. Asia Pacific holds vast potential due to the expanding healthcare sectors of China and India. 
With a total healthcare valuation of USD 400 billion, the Indian subcontinent boasts of huge requirement of medical equipment. Some key players in the global market are Becton, Dickinson & Company; Medtronic plc; Baxter International, Inc.; and Terumo Corporation.

In-depth report on Disposable Syringes Market by Grand View Research:

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