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Dairy Ingredients: A Boon for Health Enthusiasts

Dairy products are not only delicious, but refreshing as well. These can include ice creams, chocolates, desserts, and other confectioneries. There are people who are unable to consume such treats as they are allergic to milk (or lactose intolerant). “Dairy ingredients” are products that help such consumers enjoy these treats without the risk of an allergic reaction.

Dairy Ingredients

Dairy ingredients are products created for consumers unable to consume milk or its derivatives in the regular form. Since dairy products are the number one source of vitamin D, dairy ingredients will be extremely popular. These ingredients can be made from whey or milk. They are popularly advertised as “nondairy,” to provide them a distinct identity.

Nonfat Dry Milk (NFDM) is obtained by removing water from milk via pasteurization. It has high protein levels compared to whole milk. Whey, a natural by-product of cheese manufacture, is in high demand due to its protein content. Whey Protein Concentrates (WPCs) and Whey Protein Isolates (WPIs) are created by ultrafiltration. They are available in the form of supplements, which are taken by gym rats and health enthusiasts. 

Current Trend

Starbucks Corporation, a prominent U.S. coffee chain, has adopted dairy ingredients as part of its menu. It introduced its latest product “Doubleshot line with Coffee & Protein” consisting mainly of dairy ingredient. It is available in dark chocolate, vanilla, and coffee varieties. Even their line of fresh juices contain soy protein isolate and protein concentrate. Made using high-pressure processing instead of pasteurization, these drinks retain their flavors as well as their high protein content.
Some consumers also follow the “Paleo” (or Paleolithic) diet, which demands strict adherence to protein. In light of this, Arla Foods Ingredients, a division of Arla Foods, has introduced a line of beverages with their signature product “Nutrilac WheyHi.” Such products would benefit lactose-intolerant consumers as well.

Market Outlook

The dairy ingredients market will touch approximately USD 87 billion by 2024. It had market volume of 13.7 million tons in 2015. The global market is primarily driven by healthconscious people as well as lactose-intolerant consumers. Fortified functional products that would provide consumers with the appropriate protein content will positively impact the market. 

Permeate powder/dried permeate had sales of 208.6 kilotons (KT) in 2015. It is used as an additive in soups, beverages, sauces, soups, and desserts. Asia Pacific accounted for maximum market demand in 2015. This can be ascribed to increased manufacturing capacity of manufacturers in China and India. Some eminent market players are Arla Food Ingredients; Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA); and Volac International Ltd.

In-depth report on Dairy Ingredients Market by Grand View Research:

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