Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Aluminum Composite Panels: Answer to the Paneling Woes

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) or Aluminum Composite Materials (ACMs) are flat panels made of non-aluminum cores that are attached to two thin aluminum sheets. These panels are used to cover floors, ceilings, and internal & external walls. They are light-weight, rigid, sturdy, and heat resistant. These panels are also sound proof, weatherproof, and resistant to impact, acid, and alkali. These properties make ACPs a preferred choice for advertisement boards, automotives, and construction applications. 

Innovative Paneling Technology:

Recently, Alucoil North America has developed Larson aluminum composite panels. These top-quality architectural wall cladding panels can provide flexibility and strength to the walls. They are available in an array of ventilation options including semi aeration. These panels allow easy ventilation and can act as air-tight fa├žades.

These panels have a good strength to weight ratio and architectural flatness. They are easy on the price and highly durable. The panels come in a range of coated finishes with the best quality liquid polyvinylidene difluoride (PVdF). Their PE panels are manufactured using two brass or copper, aluminum, and stainless steel metal sheets and a low density polyethylene core. These materials make the panels lightweight and provide them the required flatness. 

Market Insights:

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.; the global aluminum composite panel market is predicted to reach around USD 8.26 billion by 2025. Extensive applications in automotive body paneling can propel the market growth. This material increases fuel efficiency and reduces vehicle weight & maintenance costs.

PVDF aluminum composite panels may witness significant growth over the forecast period. Construction industry is expected to dominate the application segment till 2015. High demand from emerging economies and rapid urbanization may propel the expansion in the near future.

Key Rivals:

Alubond U.S.A, 3 A Composites, Aludecor, and Interplast are some of the key market players. Most companies engage in production capacity enhancement, customization, and new product development to gain competitive edge.

In-Depth Research Report On Aluminum Composite Panel Market: 

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