Monday, 23 January 2017

Smartwatches - Ensuring a Better Tomorrow!

A smart watch is an automated wrist watch with a wide range of functionalities that go beyond time-keeping. Its initial models can carry out basic tasks; such as translations, game-playing, calculations, etc. The smartwatches of 2010 are wearable computers, with many such watches having mobile applications. 

Few smartwatches operate as portable media players, with an FM radio and playback of digital video & audio files via a USB or Bluetooth headset. Some watches, also known as “watch phones”, feature full cell phone ability and can answer text messages or phone calls.

NextGen Technology in Smartwatches

With the introduction of smartwatches, technologists are now focusing on expanding interactions beyond the limits of small watch screens. A team of experts at the Carnegie Mellon University has developed a new technology called “SkinTrack.” It makes your arm skin act like a touchscreen for your smartwatch.

The main problem with smartwatches while employing them is their small screens& interaction area. Your finger blocks the display in the process. The SkinTrack technology enables in the movement of interactions from the display screen onto your arm, offering a much larger interface. The user wears a ring that generates a high-frequency electrical signal. 

As soon as the finger touches the skin or gets near it, the generated signal spreads through the skin. The technology could be used for scrolling up & down through lists on your watch, as a game controller, to draw, and so on. Although, SkinTrack has its restraints; for e.g. the production of varying signals on the device being worn for long; it is safe for use. Research has suggested that radio frequency signals adopted by SkinTrack do not have any side-effects on humans.

Market Insights

Smartwatch shipments globally are projected at around 425 million units by 2024. They can increase further, giving an impetus to the market. Moreover, accelerating demand for companion devices should further the smartwatches market in the near future.

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